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KC series chain coupling
KC series chain coupling

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KC series chain sprocket coupling is the use of the public, the two with the same number of teeth sprocket coupling half fixed together, the different structure of chain coupling is the main difference between the different chain, common are double row roller chain coupling, single row roller chain coupling, coupling tooth shape chain, nylon chain coupling, etc. Double row roller chain couplings with better performance than other types of couplings are widely used at home and abroad.

Sprocket coupling has simple structure (four components), light weight, small size, convenient installation and disassembly, disassembly does not have to move the two axis connected, can compensate for the displacement of two axis, the installation accuracy requirements are not high, reliable, long life, low cost advantages.

KC roller chain coupling can be used in textile, agricultural machinery, lifting transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical industry, machinery, shaft drive, suitable for high temperature, damp and dusty started frequently, often positive &negative, and the violent impact load and torsional vibration, and pass on the axial force is not applicable to high speed, chain coupling should be in a good lubrication and shield under the conditions of work.

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