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Installation and working principle of snake spring coupling

Release time:2019-02-21
Plum coupling is a kind of elastic coupling, widely used in the field of coal pulverizer transmission, large consumption,..

Plum coupling is a kind of elastic coupling, widely used in the field of coal pulverizer transmission, large consumption, simple use and low price is widely loved by customers. Meihua-shaped elastic coupling: the working principle is to install a whole meihua-shaped elastic ring between the convex claws of two half-couplings of the same shape, so as to realize the connection of the two half-couplings. The materials mainly include cast steel and 45# steel. Connection forms include keyway connection, set screw connection, clamping connection, or combination of two of them. Axial insertion mounting. If radial installation is required, it can be used as a flange to transfer power through the extrusion between the convex claw and the elastic ring, and the elastic deformation of the elastic ring can compensate for the relative deviation of the two axes, so as to achieve vibration reduction and buffering. With keyway type, clamping type, lengthen type, flange type and many other types available.

The special meihua coupling for pulverized coal machine is a flexible coupling with different structure and performance through the elastic deformation of metal components to achieve the function of compensating the relative deviation of two axes, vibration reduction and buffering.

Snake-like spring coupling point temperature 150 ℃ or higher, can resist centrifugal force effect, with the separation of stability, without impurities, no corrosion of carbon steel and NBR lithium grease is better. Adequate grease is essential for the operation of the snake-spring couplings and an annual inspection is recommended. Grease is injected with a dry grease gun until an excess grease overflows in the hole.

Because of the point contact between the spring blade and the tooth arc surface, the serpentine spring coupling can obtain greater flexibility. It can be installed in the radial, angular and axial deviation of the case of normal operation. During installation, the following methods should be followed:

(1) the gap between the two disc coupling and Angle to the deviation of the alignment, installation, every 90 ° measuring the gap between the two disc LingSi snake-like spring coupling.

(2) radial deviation alignment. With straightedge placed two coupling, every 90 ° measuring time, check with the ruler, the radial deviation is less than 0.38 mm.



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