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Short telescopic welded universal coupling
Short telescopic welded universal coupling

Product details

The universal coupling of short expansion welding type is a kind of commonly used coupling. The characteristics of the structure can be used to make the continuous rotation of two axes with the same angular velocity, which is not at the same axis or the axis has a large Angle of fold or moves in the axial direction, and the torque and motion can be transmitted reliably. Can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transport, mining, oil, shipping, coal, rubber, paper machinery and other heavy machinery industries in the mechanical shaft transmission torque.

The main features of the short telescopic welded universal coupling are as follows:

1. It has a large Angle compensation ability.

2. Compact and reasonable structure. The swc-dh USES an integral fork for reliability.

3. Large carrying capacity. Compared with other types of coupling shafts with the same rotary diameter, the torque transmitted by them is large, which is advantageous to the supporting range of mechanical equipment with limited rotary diameter.

4. High transmission efficiency. Its transmission efficiency up to 98- 99.8%, for high - power transmission, energy - saving effect.

5. Stable delivery, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.

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