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How to prolong the service life of sprocket chain

Release time:2019-02-21
In the old chain is not mixed with some of the new chain in the previous use, if used, it will be very easy to drive when..

Sprocket chain maintenance is very important, generally our new car is a layer of oil -- I mean on the chain, but that oil is not lubricating oil, should be to do protection of the oil, in order to consider the storage chain may be longer, avoid the chain rust corrosion, this oil is not lubricating oil. After cycling for a period of time, it needs to be oiled. The purpose of oiling is: "Too far", which is need to remember, you may have seen it some car chain, flywheel is black, full of grease, sticky, it's taboo, it'll be a lot more typical belongs to the oil, that car when riding is very easy to stick dust, whether national or mountain road, long ride down and dirty, stick on the chain and the flywheel sand will together with the car turning to adjust, this will greatly increase the wear rate of bicycle travel system, remember we repair the 3000 km in less than a client's car, A deore9 27 - speed walking system on the wear and tear on the teeth, rear dial regulating wheel friction is very pointed! The chain spacing is very large, and the teeth of the flywheel and the front disc are also worn very sharply, resulting in serious gear skipping in the case of heavy riding. If you follow the normal maintenance oiling, such a system can run at least 7,8 km above, some customers have run more than 10, 000 km, so do not easily doubt the life of your variable speed walking system.

In the old chain is not mixed with some of the new chain in the previous use, if used, it will be very easy to drive when the impact, break the chain. It is necessary to add lubricating oil on time when the chain is working. It needs to enter into the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear. If the damage of the sprocket is found to be more serious, it is necessary to change the new sprocket and the chain at the same time to ensure a good state of engagement. Do not replace the chain or sprocket alone. This will result in poor mesh, which will speed up the new chain and sprocket damage. Also, if the sprocket is found damaged to a certain extent, it should be immediately turned over for use. To extend the use time. Its stainless steel should be suitable in terms of tightness, if too tight will increase the power consumption, and the bearing is easy to wear; If it is too loose, the chain will jump and fall off easily. Then its tightness is: it rises and falls in the middle, and the distance between the two centers is about 2%-3%. The sprocket is installed on the top of the shaft without skew and swing. When the end faces of the two sprockets in the same transmission assembly should be in the same plane and the sprocket center distance is less than 0.5m, the allowable distance is 1mm; If the center distance of sprocket is more than 0.5m, the allowable distance is 2mm. At that time, friction sprocket tooth side phenomenon is not allowed. If the deviation of two wheels is too large, it will be easy to appear the damage of chain breaking acceleration. When replacing the sprocket, it is necessary to check and adjust the offset. In the new style, the chain is too long and after the use of the extension, it is difficult to adjust, you can see the situation to remove the chain link, but it must be an even number.



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