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LLB Tyre Resilient Coupling
LLB Tyre Resilient Coupling

Product details

Design feature-LLB Tyre Resilient Coupling

1.The couplings are highly elastic,backlash-free,absorb shocks and dampen vibrations.

2.Inherent Overload Protection and high misalignment capacity.

3.Flexible component is a whole tire body.

4.Size range from LLB1 to LLB13(13sizes)Minimum Torque size 10Nm to maximum Torque 20000Nm.Bore Diameter sizes from 6mm to 200mm.

5.Spacer tyre couplings for DBSE of 80 mm,100 mm,140 mm&180 mm

6.Available as through bore or with taper lock bushes

LLB tire rubber shaft coupling advantage:

The coupling is highly flexible,has good shock absorption and superior compensation performance of axial deviation

Working temperature-20℃~+80℃,Transmission torque 10-20000Nm.

Suitable for wet,dusty,there is shock and vibration,frequent positive inversion variable,frequent start working condition.

Flexible component is a whole tire body,disassemble maintenance more convenient,long term reliability

LLB tire rubber shaft coupling advantage:

JUDE LLB tyre coupling uses natural compounds makes it suitable for use in most outdoor conditions.

Handle combinations of parallel 1%of outside diameter,angular within 2%and axial end float within-10%and+3%of the width of the coupling displacement.

Installing and dismantling of coupling is quick and easy without need of special tools.Damping effect reduce absorb shock loads,Torsional vibrations and oscillations..Maintainence free,no need for lubrication and no dismantling required for inspections of components.

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