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Fault characteristics and solution of sliding block coupling

Release time:2019-02-21
Oldham coupling make its center of mass for a variety of reasons or the inertial principal axis and axis misalignment...

Oldham coupling make its center of mass for a variety of reasons or the inertial principal axis and axis misalignment, the operation will generate unbalanced centrifugal inertia force, the centrifugal inertia coupling force and dynamic deflection (modal) phenomenon, known as the imbalance of the rotor, this imbalance is bound to cause the vibration of shaft system, which affects the normal work and service life of the machine, therefore attaches great importance to them. The degree of unbalance (U) is usually expressed as the product of the mass m of the rotor and the distance r from the center of mass to the axis of rotation of the rotor, Mr, which is called the mass diameter product. It is also expressed in terms of the mass diameter product per unit mass, called eccentricity e (not geometric eccentricity). Mass diameter product Mr Is a relative quantity related to the mass of the rotor, while eccentricity e is a quantity independent of the mass of the rotor. The former is more intuitive and is often used for the balance operation of a given rotor, while the latter is used to measure the balance of the rotor or to detect the balance accuracy. The balance grade standard of the coupling is evaluated according to e. For a flexible rotor, the vibration mode eccentricity (mode of the NTH order) en=Un/mn, where Un and mn are the NTH mode mode and mode mass respectively.

When the lubrication effect of coupling and bush can not meet the requirements, there will be a variety of fault characteristics. If the oil pressure is low, the local contact between the shaft and the bearing bush will cause dry friction and damage to the moving surface. At this time, the shaft surface is blue. If the lubricating oil fails or the pressure cannot be built up, the moving surface will completely lose the protection of the oil film and conduct direct contact for dry friction. When the temperature rises, the alloy layer of the bearing bush melts. When the machine is shut down in time, the phenomenon of "holding the bush" will occur. If the machine is not shut down in time, serious parts will be damaged.

Some kinds of bearings are really difficult to purchase, and have to be repaired after failure without spare parts, especially imported bearings; Minor damage to the bearing, such as slight rusting during the inventory period and minor fretting abrasion during the transport process, is easily remedied and is regrettable. In addition to the economy, coupling repair and its technical, which requires the repairer fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing, bearing and its parts in the structure, process and material characteristics, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the bearing repair has the required effect. The main material factors affecting the service life of high carbon chromium steel rolling bearing parts and the degree of control are as follows :(1) the carbide in the original structure of the steel before quenching requires fine and dispersion. Can use high temperature austenitizing 630 ℃ or 420 ℃ high temperature, also can use forged heat to achieve rapid annealing process. (2) after quenching of GCr15 steel, it is required to obtain the microstructure of cryptocrystalline martensite with an average carbon content of 0.55%, 9% Ar and 7% undissolved carbides in uniform and circular state.



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