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The detailed disassembly procedure of the meihua coupling and the factors to be considered in the selection

Release time:2019-02-21
Before disassembly of the plum coupling, some marks should be made on the positions of the various parts of the coupling ..

Before disassembly of the plum coupling, some marks should be made on the positions of the various parts of the coupling for reference during reassembly. Used for coupling of high speed machine, the connecting bolt is weighed, marked clearly and can't be mistaken.

It is very important to clean, clean and evaluate all the parts of the coupling after disassembly. The evaluation of parts means that after each part is in operation, the existing conditions of its size, shape and material properties are compared with the quality standards determined by the part design to determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts should be used after repair and which parts should be scrapped.

During the disassembly of the plum coupling, the difficult job is to remove the hub from the shaft. For the key - connected hub, the general use of three or four - legged pull pull for disassembly. The selected rama should be matched with the size of the hub. The right Angle hook of each foot of the rama should be properly combined with the rear side of the hub, so that no slip imagination will be generated when the hub is forced. This method is only used for the removal of hubs with relatively small interference. For hubs with relatively large interference, heating method is often adopted, or disassembly is carried out with hydraulic jack.

The type of plum coupling should be determined according to the use requirements and working conditions. Specific selection can consider the following points:

(1) the size and nature of the torque to be transferred and the requirements for buffering and damping.

(2) the working speed of the coupling and the centrifugal force caused by the size, for high-speed transmission shaft, should choose a high degree of balance of the coupling.

(3) the size and direction of the relative displacement of the two shafts, when it is difficult to maintain the strict alignment of the two shafts after installation and adjustment, or when the two shafts produce a large additional relative displacement in the working process, the flexible coupling should be selected.

(4) the reliability and working environment of the coupling, usually made of metal components do not need lubrication of the coupling is more reliable, need lubrication of the coupling, its performance is susceptible to the influence of the degree of lubrication, and may pollute the environment.

(5) for the manufacturing, installation, maintenance and cost of the coupling, on the premise of satisfying the performance, the coupling with convenient installation and disassembly, simple maintenance and low cost should be selected.



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