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GL series chain coupling
GL series chain coupling

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GL Chain Coupling is suitable for transmission with different shafts,which can compensate certain deviation,and transfer torque of 40˜2500N·m.

The shaft material is 45#,ZG45 or 20Cr steel,After carburizing and surface quenching to HRC=40~45.The casing is usually made of aluminum alloy.

Roller chain coupling features:simple structure(four components),easy to assemble and disassemble,disassembly without moving the two axis connected,compact size,light weight,a certain degree of compensation ability,on the installation accuracy requirements is not high,reliable,long life,low cost and other advantages.Can be applied to textile,agricultural machinery,lifting and transportation,engineering,mining,light industry,chemical and other machinery shafting transmission,suitable for high temperature,wet and dusty working conditions,not suitable for high-speed,severe impact load and transfer of axial force occasions,should be well lubricated and under the condition of protective cover.

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