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DJMJ Power lock Disc Coupling with intermediate shaft
DJMJ Power lock Disc Coupling with intermediate shaft

Product details

The diaphragm coupling is composed of several groups of diaphragm(stainless steel sheet)interlaced with the two halves of the coupling by bolts.DJMJ diaphragm coupling on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate for the two axes relative displacement,is a kind of high-performance metal flexible coupling components,no lubrication,structure is compact,high intensity,long service life,no rotating clearance,not influenced by temperature and oil pollution,has the characteristics of acid and alkali corrosion resistance,suitable for high temperature,high speed,working condition of a corrosive medium environment of shaft transmission.

Main characteristics of JSZM diaphragm coupling:

1,the ability to compensate the two axis misalignment is strong,compared with the tooth coupling angular displacement can be doubled,radial displacement when the reaction force is small,flexible,allow a certain amount of axial,radial and angular displacement.

2,with obvious shock absorption,no noise,no wear.

3,high transmission efficiency,up to .Especially suitable for medium and high speed high power transmission.

4,simple structure,light weight,small size,easy to assemble and disassemble.No need to move the machine can be assembled and disassembled(with intermediate shaft type),without lubrication.

5,can accurately transfer the speed,running without slip,can be used for precision machinery transmission.

6.Adapt to high temperature(-80+300)and harsh environment,and can operate under shock and vibration conditions.

江苏DJMJ Power lock Disc Coupling with intermediate shaft 上海DJMJ Power lock Disc Coupling with intermediate shaft 



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