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Precision Disc Coupling
Precision Disc Coupling

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Product introduction:

The diaphragm coupling consists of at least one diaphragm and two bush. The diaphragm is fastened to the sleeve by pins and generally does not loosen or cause recoil between the diaphragm and the sleeve.In addition to the single diaphragm, there are two, three diaphragm coupling, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, both sides are connected to the shaft sleeve. Diaphragm coupling is often used in servo systems. Diaphragm is very torque rigid and can withstand deviations up to 1.5 degrees, but less so than the bellows coupling.


1. The shaft sleeve is made of high strength aluminum alloy

2. The diaphragm adopts 304 stainless steel

3. Strong torque rigidity, accurate control of shaft rotation, and high precision control

4. Designed for servo, step motor

5. No gap between shaft and sleeve connection, suitable for positive and negative rotation

6. Low inertia, suitable for high-speed operation

7. Clamping screw fastening method

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