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TK type  Plum Coupling
TK type  Plum Coupling

Product details

Detailed specification

TK type plum coupling is a kind of widely used coupling,also known as claw coupling,is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastomer.Two metal claw plate is generally 45 steel,but in the case of load sensitive requirements also useful aluminum alloy.

Elastomers are generally made of rubber.The life of elastomers is generally 10 years.Because elastomers have the function of buffering and vibration reduction,they are often used in the case of strong vibration.The service temperature of the coupling,is generally-35 to+80 degrees.

Features of TK type plum coupling:

1.Compact and backlash free,providing three kinds of elastomers with different hardness;

2.The elastomers of plum blossom have four,six,eight and ten petals;

3.Free maintenance,oil resistance and electrical insulation,the working temperature of 20℃to 60℃;

4.The fixing method includes top wire,clamping and keyway fixing.

5.Simple structure,convenient maintenance and inspection;

6.It can absorb vibration and compensate radial and angular deviation;

Precision coupling series

Precision Coupling Series,two material:aluminium Alloy and stainless steel.The main products are:diaphragm couplings,plum couplings,stainless steel parallel wire couplings and dozens of varieties,the product is widely used in CNC machine tools,laser cutting machines,electronic automation equipment and other fields.

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