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NM type  Plum Coupling
NM type  Plum Coupling

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NM type,a special designed synthetic rubber with 2 similar bodies of cast iron,designed for the power transmission&protection of flexible rubber,made of rubber and steel cores are inserted in the teeth so as to provide excellent durability and performance of coupling.


1)Economical and practical using

2)Quiet and smooth operation

3)Easy installation and maintenance

4)Available to machines with high torque and intermittent operation

5)Characteristics of the synthetic rubber:proper elasticity and resistance to damping,oil,acids and alkalies


Pumps,fans,compressors,vehicles,transporting equipments,constructors,cement mixers,tractors,transmission machines,metal working machines,rollers and all other transmissions.

3.NM size:50mm,67mm,82mm,97mm,112mm,128mm,148mm,168mm,194m,214mm.

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