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HRC Flexible Coupling
HRC Flexible Coupling

Product details

Cast Iron HRC flexible coupling advantage:

1.It is easy to maintain,no need the tools can install

2.Can undertake high torque

3.Have the good buffer.

Working environment temperature:-35~+80

Transfer nominal torque:25~12500Nm

Allowable speed:1500~15300r/min

Characteristics of HRC coupling:1.In the torsional force transfer,it belongs to arc contact and has the characteristics of buffering,shock absorption and shock absorption,and long service life.2,the main material is:HT250 gray cast iron,is a general,durable,affordable,with cone sleeve easy to install and adjust the coupling 3,common in:fan,air compressor,chemical fiber,transport equipment,paper machinery and etc.

Applicantion:metallurgy,mining,petroleum,chemical industry,lifting,transportation,light industry,textile,water pump,fan and so on

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