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GⅡCLZ drum type coupling
GⅡCLZ drum type coupling

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G Ⅱ CLZ drum type coupling is made by the same number of inner gear ring and out-of-band tooth flange half couplings and other parts. Divided into straight teeth and drum tooth outside two kinds of tooth shape, tooth is the so-called drum will made spherical outer teeth, spherical center on the gear axis, backlash is generally large gear, drum gear couplings allows a larger angular displacement (as opposed to straight tooth coupling), can improve the tooth contact conditions, improve the ability to transfer torque, prolong service life. The contact state along the tooth width when angular displacement is present.

G Ⅱ CLZ drum type coupling characteristics (compared with the direct coupling has the following characteristics) :

As a kind of transmission device, the drum gear type coupling is developed from the common straight gear coupling. The drum gear coupling has various standards and series of products in many advanced industries in foreign countries. The relative offset of the two driving axes is compensated by the internal and external tooth meshing to transfer the torque, and by the axis swing of the inner ring of the straight tooth of the drum outer tooth sleeve (known as angular displacement). Tooth length direction of the drum, the greater the its angular displacement, the greater the, generally use recommended 1 ° ~ 1.5 °, and the old gear coupling allows only 0.5 °;

From the point of view of bending strength and bearing capacity, the transmission torque of drum gear coupling can be increased by 15 ~ 20% under the same working conditions. The drum degree of the direction of the tooth length makes the tooth contact better, so the drum type gear coupling has the advantages of large transmission capacity, large angular displacement, smooth transmission, high efficiency, long life and so on. Therefore gradually replace the straight gear coupling, and widely used in metallurgical machinery, heavy, mining machinery, lifting, transport machinery and other transmission.

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