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NL nylon tooth coupling
NL nylon tooth coupling

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NL, dens draconis coupling is also called the NL type drum type coupling for axial and flexible transmission, allowing the larger axial radial displacement and Angle displacement, drum type coupling is just flexible coupling, radial, axial and angular axis deviation compensation ability, and has simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy tear open outfit, low noise, small transmission efficiency loss, long service life, etc.

The main failure form of NL nylon gear coupling is gear wear. After forced lubricating with thin oil, the wear on the tooth surface is greatly reduced, and the wear amount is about 10% of the grease lubrication. The circulating thin oil can take away the rolling heat at the end of the roller and the heat generated by the friction of the tooth, effectively preventing the allowable contact stress on the tooth surface. After carburizing and quenching, the bearing capacity of the tooth surface is high. Under normal circumstances, there will be no broken teeth, to meet the requirements of continuous rolling mill characteristics;

The external teeth of the gear type coupling are divided into straight teeth and drum teeth. The drum type coupling can allow a large angular displacement (relative to the straight teeth), which can improve the contact conditions of the teeth, improve the ability to transfer torque, and extend the service life. NL nylon gear coupling radial size is small, the bearing capacity is large, often used for low speed and heavy load conditions of the shaft drive, high precision and dynamic balance of NL nylon gear coupling can be used for high speed drive, such as the shaft drive of gas turbine.

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