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Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock bushes
Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock bushes

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ZDJM Single Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock

ZSJM Double Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock

Main features:

1.Excellent stainless steel as elastic material,coupling with high torsion rigidity,more suitable for automatic control of the rapid response.

2.No back clearance,hysteresis,high precision repeat positioning can be carried out.·

3.low inertia design can give full play to its excellent durability for positive and negative operation and braking.·

4.the coupling most suitable for the feed shaft and the spindle of the CNC machine.·

the coupling has a smaller rotary inertia than the elastic diaphragm coupling connected with the expanding sleeve.With the same outer diameter,the applicable shaft hole is larger,more convenient to assemble and disassemble,and the price is lower.

江苏Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock bushes 上海Diaphragm Coupling with Taper lock bushes 



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