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The operation and structure of the star coupling

Release time:2019-02-21
The tooth end of the outer tooth sleeve of the star coupling is shaped like a horn, so it is not suitable for high speed ..

The tooth end of the outer tooth sleeve of the star coupling is shaped like a horn, so it is not suitable for high speed and impact load. The star couplings are sometimes mistaken for the plum couplings because they are almost similar in shape after installation. However, under the same model, the star couplings bear a large torsion force. Compared with the plum couplings, its inner hole and shape can be small.

Radial motion caused by centrifugal force will accelerate the wear of the star coupling when it operates at high speed. Polyurethane elastomer is limited by convex claw block, which can avoid internal deformation caused by impact and external deformation caused by centrifugal force. Convex claw large concave, so that the involute teeth on the surface pressure is very small, even under overload on the teeth, the teeth will not wear or deformation. Axial insertion assembly, convenient for blind mounting and time saving; Small size, small moment of inertia, maintenance-free; Convenient for visual inspection.

The star-shaped elastic coupling is composed of two half-couplings and elastic elements with the same shape of convex claw.

The structure of the coupling and the plum blossom elastic coupling basic same, the difference is that the shape of the elastic element, are the star and the plum flower form, performance and the plum flower form the same elastic coupling, a certain compensation two axes relative offset, vibration reduction and buffer performance, small radial size, simple structure, no lubrication, high bearing capacity, easy maintenance, etc. Suitable for connecting two coaxial lines, frequent starting, variable positive and negative rotation of the transmission shaft system, transmission torque.



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