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The structure and selection of the meihua elastic coupling are introduced in detail

Release time:2019-02-21
Quincunx type elastic coupling has simple structure, few parts, small radial size and no need of lubrication. Elastic ele..

Quincunx type elastic coupling has simple structure, few parts, small radial size and no need of lubrication. Elastic element has high bearing capacity under pressure. Except for double flanged quad elastic couplings, the semi-couplings need to be moved axially when replacing vulnerable quad elastic couplings. This kind of elastic coupling can compensate the relative deviation of two axes. The meihua-shaped elastic coupling is an integral meihua-shaped elastic ring mounted between the convex claws of two half-couplings of the same shape to realize the connection of the two half-couplings. The dynamic force is transferred through the extrusion between the convex claw and the elastic ring, and the elastic deformation of the elastic ring compensates for the relative deviation of the two axes, so as to realize the vibration reduction and buffering. This type of elastic coupling has been standardized, GB/ t5272-2002 developed five structural forms: LM (basic), LMD (single flange), LMS (double flange), lmz-i (split brake wheel) and lnz-ii (full brake wheel). There are 14 specifications for each type, the diameter of the shaft hole d=12-160mm, the length of the shaft hole L=35-135mm, the nominal torque T= 25-25000n.m, the allowable speed [n]=1500-15300r.min. The mechanical characteristics of the power machine has a certain impact on the whole transmission system, different types of power machine, due to its different mechanical characteristics, should choose the corresponding power machine coefficient KW, choose the coupling suitable for the system. The type of power machine is the basic factor to choose the kind of elastic coupling with plum shape. The power of the engine is one of the main bases to determine the size of the coupling, which is proportional to the torque of the coupling.

The relative displacements of the two shafts of the meihua coupling are caused by the manufacturing error, assembly error, installation error, the deformation of the shaft under load, the deformation of the base, the wear of the bearing, the change of temperature and the relative motion of the components. In general, it is difficult to avoid the relative displacement of the two axes, but the displacement direction of the ecological balance produced by the shafting transmission under different working conditions, that is, the axial direction, the radial direction and the displacement amount are different. Only the flexible coupling can compensate the relative displacement of two axes, so it is widely used in practice. Rigid couplings do not have compensatory applications are limited, so the amount is small. The universal coupling should be used for shaft drive with large angular displacement. Diaphragm couplings should be used for shafting transmission with axial movement and need to control axial displacement; Only in the case of high accuracy in the choice of rigid coupling.

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