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MLL  Flexible Jaw Coupling
MLL  Flexible Jaw Coupling

Product details

MLL shaft coupling is composed of a half coupling with protruding claw and a brake wheel half coupling with protruding claw, flange coupling and elastic element. The use of quin-shaped elastic element is placed between the protruding claw of the two halves of the shaft coupling to realize the connection between the two halves of the shaft coupling. An integral elastic ring of quince-shaped shape is arranged between the convex claws of two semi-couplings of the same shape to realize the connection of the two semi-couplings. Xin cheng coupling factory after turning, milling, and broaching machining methods, such as processing and become, after the overall heat treatment to ensure the enough strength, has a good balance of performance and is suitable for high speed applications have two axes relative offset compensation, the coupling vibration reduction and buffer performance, size small size, simple structure, no lubrication, high carrying capacity to facilitate maintenance, axial elastic element will move, suitable for connecting coaxial line, frequent starting, positive &negative, medium, medium, such as the torque transmission shaft system work and requires high reliability of working parts. It is not suitable for the difficult part of two shaft alignment after low speed heavy load and limited axial size. For example: metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting, transportation, light industry, textile, water pump, fan, etc. Working environment temperature is -35℃ ~ +80℃, transfer nominal torque is 250 ~ 12500N. M, permissible speed is 4750 ~ 950r/min.

Structure: the half coupling and shaft can be made into cylindrical or conical shape, the shape of the elastic element in the middle is like plum blossom, hence the name. Use different hardness of polyurethane rubber, cast nylon and other materials manufacturing.

Plum joint is a kind of elastic coupling, widely used in the field of pulverized coal transfer, large consumption, simple use and low price widely loved by customers. The main materials are cast steel and 45# steel two materials; The connection may be a keyway connection, a set screw connection, a clamp connection, or a combination of two of the above. Axial insertion mounting. If radial installation is needed, it can be made into flange type to transfer power through extrusion between protruding claw and elastic ring, and compensate relative deviation of two axes through elastic deformation of elastic ring, so as to realize vibration reduction and buffer. There are many types to choose from, such as keyway type, clamping type, lengthening type and flange type.

Plum - shaped elastomers are generally made of engineering plastic or rubber. The elastomer is obviously under tension because it is under pressure. A typical elastomer has a life span of 10 years. Because the elasticity has the function of buffering and reducing vibration, it is often used in the case of strong vibration. The performance temperature of the elastomer determines the service temperature of the coupling, which is generally -35 to +80 degrees.

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