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JS100 series Grid Coupling
JS100 series Grid Coupling

Product details

JS100 series serpentine spring couplings are mainly composed of two half couplings,two half housings,two sealing rings and serpentine spring plates.

JS100 series snake spring couplings are mainly used in crushing machine,reciprocating movement of crank,reducer,metallurgy,mining,lifting machinery,etc.And all kinds of other machinery and equipment shaft drive,where there are motor and driver connected,motor and reducer connected or shaft and shaft connected can be used.

JS100 series snake-like spring coupling is mainly suitable for connecting two coaxial line of medium and high power transmission shafting,two axis relative offset compensation and vibration reduction and buffer performance,working temperature of 30℃~+150℃,passing nominal torque 45~800000 n.m.

JS100 series snake spring couplings advantages:

(1)simple structure,easy installation and disassembly.

(2)less parts,small size,light weight.

(3)low noise,good lubrication.

(4)large load bearing range,starting.

(5)large installation deviation is allowed.

(6)high transmission efficiency and reliable operation.

(7)good vibration damping and long service life.

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