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JS300 series-fully removable Grid Coupling
JS300 series-fully removable Grid Coupling

Product details

JS300 series fully disassembled serpentine spring Coupling has the great torque and flexibility.it is an ideal product for easy disassembly and shock absorption in medium and heavy duty couplings.

JS300 series fully detachable snake-spring couplings are designed to be fully enclosed,especially suitable for use in the environment with serious coal mine dust pollution.The serpentine spring surrounds the teeth of the two halves of the coupling and transfers torque through the interaction between the teeth and the spring.The strength and stiffness of the spring determine the torque force of the coupling.Because the housing is filled with grease,used to lubricate the contact between the spring and the tooth surface,greatly reducing wear,the life of the snake-spring coupling is longer than that of other types of couplings.The coupling has a high torque of up to 1,320 nm,1.7 times that of the pin coupling.

JS300 series fully dismounted snake-spring couplings have the following main features:

1.Shock proof,shock absorption,variable load,good protection equipment

2.Long working life

3.Simple structure and convenient maintenance

4.Low installation requirements

江苏JS300 series-fully removable Grid Coupling 上海JS300 series-fully removable Grid Coupling 



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