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JS Spring Coupling
JS Spring Coupling

Product details

The JS Snake Spring Grid Coupling is called the"snake spring coupling",which belongs to a kind of flexible connection in the coupling.JS type serpentine spring coupling on spring serpentine to transfer torque to the coupling coupling to embedded in half serpentine spring shaft slot,to realize the joint motor and machine,due to the special properties of the spring,so as to avoid the resonance phenomenon of motor and machine to a great extent,service life is much higher than that of non metal flexible coupling;the tooth surface contact reed is an arc,the contact surface varies with the torque size,thus can withstand greater load variation.Suitable for impact crusher,crusher,reducer etc..

Features of serpentine spring coupling:

1.Good vibration damping,long service life.

2.Large range of variable loads,safe starting.

3.High transmission efficiency and reliable operation.

4.Low noise and good lubrication.

5.Simple structure and convenient installation and disassembly.

6.Less parts,small size and light weight.

7.Large installation deviation is allowed.

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