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TLL  Pin & Bush Coupling
TLL  Pin & Bush Coupling

Product details

TLL type cylinder pin coupling with elastic sleeve of brake wheel relies on the friction torque generated on the contact surface by the locking force of the cylinder pin group, and compresses the rubber elastic sleeve to transfer the torque. It is suitable for medium and small power shafting transmission with good rigidity, high accuracy, small impact load and low requirement for vibration reduction.

TLL type column pin coupling with elastic sleeve of brake wheel is a column pin with elastic sleeve (rubber material) at one end and installed in the flange hole of two half couplings to realize the connection of two half couplings. Elastic sleeve pin couplings used to be widely used in China, as early as the end of the 1950s has been formulated as the standard for the mechanical department, jb08-60 elastic ring pin couplings, is China's department standard couplings.

TLL type cylinder pin coupling with elastic sleeve of brake wheel is simple in structure and easy to manufacture. It does not need to be lubricated or bonded to metal vulcanization. It is convenient to replace the elastic sleeve and does not need to move the semi-coupling. Elastic sleeve work is compressed deformation, due to the elastic sleeve thickness is thin, small volume, elastic deformation is limited, so elastic sleeve pin coupling can compensate the axis displacement and elasticity, but the axis displacement allowable compensation amount is small, the elasticity is weak.

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