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UL Tyre Resilient Coupling
UL Tyre Resilient Coupling

Product details

Design feature-UL Tyre Resilient Coupling

1.Plastic components(tyres)and metal made into a whole by vulcanization,

connecting the 2 half-couplings directly by bolts when installing.

2.Flexibility,large damping,large compensation

3.Simple design,easy assembly.The tyres can be replaced without moving


4.Disadvantage,large axial power will be brought on the driven end as the

rotate angle increasing.

UL tire rubber shaft coupling advantage:

1.It is easy to maintain,can install without any tools

2.Can undertake high torque

3.Have the good buffer.

4.Flexibility,large damping,large compensation dosage.

Introduction Of UL Martin Rubber Shaft Tyre Coupling

UL Martin Rubber Shaft Tyre Coupling is an elastic coupling with high performance,because of the elastic element is as a whole tire body,the tire coupling has good shock damping and the shaft offset compensation performance,absorbing excellent and convenient assembly and disassembly,no lubrication,easy maintenance,long life and other advantages.

The working temperature of tyre coupling-20~80 degrees Celsius,transmitting torque 10~20000N.M,

Tyre coupling,suitable for wet dust,shock,vibration,reversing the changeable and frequent starting work environment.

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