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JQ clamped coupling
JQ clamped coupling

Product details

JQ type clamped shell coupling USES two clamped shells divided along the axial direction, which is clamped by bolts to realize the connection of two shafts. The torque is transferred by the friction force between the surfaces of the two half couplings, and the flat key is used as the auxiliary connection.

Clamp shell coupling assembly and disassembly shaft without axial movement, so very convenient installation and spherical shell coupling faults is low accuracy in the two axis, complicated structure and shape, low precision manufacturing and balance, is only applicable to low speed and load steady occasions, usually linear velocity at the outer edge of no greater than 5 m/s, when the linear velocity more than 5 m/s need for balance calibration.

In order to improve the balance, the bolts should be installed in the upright and inverted phases. JQ type clamp-shell coupling has no axial, radial and angular compensation performance, simple structure, easy installation and disassembly, suitable for low speed (circular velocity of 5m/s), no impact, vibration load is stable occasions, suitable for stirrer and other vertical shaft connection.

The main features of JQ type clamped shell coupling are as follows:

1. Light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity;

2. Simple structure and convenient loading and unloading.

3, maintenance-free, super oil and corrosion resistance;

4, the main material is optional cast steel/stainless steel;

5, can not allow eccentric, use should let the shaft as far as possible;

6. The fixing method is clamping and the top wire is fixed;

The JQ type clamped shell coupling we produced is composed of two clamped shells split along the axial direction, mainly including single groove and double groove, single groove with keyway and no keyway, single groove clamped rigid coupling with single and double aperture clamped on the shaft, providing large torque grip force without damaging the shaft surface. The double-groove rigid coupling is convenient for disassembly and maintenance without moving other parts. The screw of double groove rigid coupling is positive and negative, can keep dynamic balance. Raw materials are aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel, a variety of models and specifications, can also be customized according to the customer's special requirements of the metric system at one end of the other end of the double-aperture coupling.

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