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Lubrication mode and working characteristics of diaphragm coupling

Release time:2019-02-21
Coupling has double head tooth shape, single head tooth shape, tooth embedded type, spring plate type, disc type spring...

Coupling has double head tooth shape, single head tooth shape, tooth embedded type, spring plate type, disc type spring, cross slider type and roller chain type and other types, due to different types, some with lubricating oil lubrication, some with grease lubrication. The main coupling of steel rolling machine is the universal coupling of cross sliding block type, which is an indispensable part of steel rolling equipment. The semicircular copper-joint slider will work under severe impact load and extreme pressure (the deflection Angle of the connecting rod is often greater than 120), so the plane and arc surface of the slider will be severely worn.

In addition, for flexible and toothed couplings, some are lubricated with grease. That is, when the coupling works, it can be lubricated by the extrusion of grease. During assembly, grease is applied to ensure adequate internal lubrication. The lubricating grease used in the high-speed device ensures that the oil and soap do not separate under the action of centrifugal force, otherwise the coupling leakage reduces the lubrication effect. At the same time, the requirement of multiple efficiency, that is, to have heat resistance, and in low temperature work and have a certain cold resistance. Most of the spring-plate couplings are lubricated with grease. When assembling, the grease is filled between the grilles, so as to prevent grease leakage. When working to check regularly, adding grease is generally the use of extreme pressure lithium - based grease.

Characteristics of diaphragm coupling in operation

1, no lubrication, no maintenance, can fundamentally eliminate the tooth type coupling, because the vibration caused by tooth surface wear to avoid the new imbalance caused by oil accumulation of the tooth type coupling and a series of troubles;

2. The coupling can be replaced within 2 hours without interfering with the master and slave devices, so as to improve the utilization rate of the equipment;

3, can run under harsh environmental conditions can be within 300 ℃ under the condition of running in acid, alkali, salt spray corrosive environment such as operation;

4. Strong ability to withstand misalignment, with a certain ability to reduce vibration and noise, can meet the misalignment requirements of most power transmission devices in operation;

5, zero clearance, unchanged low unbalance, noise-free coupling parts are assembled without clearance, no running noise, maintain the same initial dynamic balance accuracy;

Compared with similar flexible drive elements, diaphragm coupling exerts small predictable force and bending moment on the connected device; 6.

7, with high power to mass ratio, especially suitable for connecting high-power power plant;

8. The non-linear variation of the stiffness between the shafts effectively restricts the magnetic center drift of the motor.



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